Talking Butterflies…

We had another fantastic talk here at Souter on Thursday night, as Jaye Scott came along and told us about her summer studying butterflies in the Transylvanian region of Romania. She spent a fabulous 8 weeks visiting a number of rural villages surveying the surrounding farmland to see if new modern farming methods were making any kind of impact on the population of the local species of butterflies. As a new member of the EU Romania are coming under immense pressure to increase agricultural productivity, which generally means more intense farming methods using modern equipment, which unfortunately tends to have a detrimental effect on wildlife. The information Jaye and her team gathered together will hopefully be a huge help in trying to protect the area and more importantly the wildlife for many years to come. Great job Jaye!

CCG Chairman Jason Thompson & Jaye Scott

CCG Chairman Jason Thompson & Jaye Scott, complete with Romanian Flag


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